Stay The Night

An event for Singapore Night Festival

Advertising, Branding

Stay The Night is an event created for a school project on Advertising Media Strategy. It is a collaboration with Joyce Au and Joanna Ho. This event is targeted at the youths of Singapore. 

This project is to advertise and promote Singapore Night Festival. This project will also include a new theme that will cultivate a generational interest of the event. This new theme will cover four different sub-themes over four nights – Music, Dance & Theatre, Visual Arts, and Games & Comics. These sub-themes will gain more attention to the youths and they would be more interested in attending the Singapore Night Festival. 

Each sub-theme is given its own colour to differentiate them. Music is blue, Dance & Theatre is purple, Visual Arts is yellow, and Games & Comics is green.


Ambient Advertising

Ambient ads will be placed on the to-be-trails of the event as a guide for the attendees.

Banner Advertising

Interactive banner ads are placed on related Youtube videos.

Electronic Direct Mail

Upon RSVP, an electronic direct mail will be sent to the attendee through their e-mail.


Direct Mail

Includes T-shirt, tote bag, glow sticks, pamphlet, and mini poster.

T-shirts and Tote bags

T-shirts and tote bags are given out through direct mailers and also for purchase at the event.

This is a non-commercial project meant for educational purposes only.