Hands of the defenders

With the Netflix/Marvel series coming out in 2017, I decided to come up with a poster for the show.


Main poster

The main poster is also a combination of four posters with each posters containing the hands of each Defender – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.



Daredevil's poster features his hands shaped into a punching fist, all bruised up due to the nature of his night job. 


Luke cage

Luke's poster feature his hand in a fist, a popular symbol of black power. I felt that this was a fitting imagery for his series.


Jessica jones

Jessica's poster showcases her attitude in her series. She's rude and a smart arse but hey at least she gets things done. 


Iron fist

Many people complained to me asking why the only character with "fist" in his name doesn't have a fist as the imagery. Answer is, Danny (Iron Fist's real name) is an outsider of the group (read: he's a weirdo. I mean, dude punched a dragon in its heart). Also, this piece was inspired by Bruce Lee.