Goodnight White Pride is a pro-Antifa book. This book comes along with a campaign and was created for a school studio titled Design and Politics where we took a look at how we look at news and how we take in the information that are given to us. With this project, I wanted to be blunt with the content and punchy with the mood that it brings about. TL;DR this book is about anti-Fascism and pro-Nazi punching.



This book is made to be an easy read. Its content feature 101 facts as well as (my) opinionated view on Antifa. Though that might seem like a heavy read, trust me when I say that I made sure to make it easy to digest. It's blunt, but that's the point of the Antifa. 


If you're interested in reading the book, you can find the digital edition here.


campaign strategy

The cause for this campaign focuses on anti-fascism, anti-Nazism, and anti-white supremacy. This campaign calls for anti-fascist action. It is about stopping the fascist rhetoric and ideology from growing. With the rise in white supremacy and the “alt-Right”, it is crucial in this climate that they are stopped. The current conversation around this issue is whether or not we should allow white supremacy to exist under the idea of freedom of speech. There is also another argument over whether or not Antifa violence is useful in the fight against the neo-Nazis. This campaign is intended to target every and any progressive activists, no matter their political compass. 

The aim is to get them all to band together to fight the common enemy. At the same time, this campaign would spread the awareness of the imminent dangers of fascism to the public. The best method of conveying this message is through print media placed around public spaces. Posters placed in front of stores would portray a sense of solidarity with the message of anti-fascism. Posters and flyers placed in other public spaces such as by the street and at tram and bus stops would spread the anti-fascist message and normalise the idea that Nazis are bad (which is obvious and also the right and rational thing to do).

main posters

These main posters aim to pack a punch. Its purpose is to make people realise how dangerous it is to give (neo-)Nazis a platform to speak of their movement.

side posters

These posters are meant to be given out to people. It serves the same purpose as the main posters but directed to the fast-paced human traffic. 


These stickers are meant to be placed... well, pretty much anywhere. That's the beauty of it. Efficient anarchy.


mock up

These posters are meant to be places anywhere and it is made so that it stands out from other posters you see down the streets. 


Mock up 

These posters are smaller in size compared to the main posters. This makes it easier to pass around the street and to pin up on noticeboards, etc.


Mock up

Not the best mock up, but you get the point. 


We're at the end! Now remember, support your local Antifa!