Geeks of Color rebranding

Taking "new year, new me" to a new level. Except not with myself but with a whole organisation instead. In terms of its brand, of course. I wanted to make sure our fans and other geeks that come around to our space to understand what we stand for. To ensure that they know our beliefs and what we fight for. 


new year, new look

I wanted to simplify the logo and header design we already had. The previous one was good, but it could be better. Similar to the team behind Geeks of Color, we are always achieving to improve ourselves and the content we put out for the community. We believe that our fans and the geek community deserves the best of the very best.



The ideology behind the new logo is simply this:

The raised fist symbolises solidarity and support. It is the symbol for unity, strength, and resistance. It is used for and by the oppressed, the marginalised, and the underprivileged. This is what Geeks of Color fights for. We fight for representation, diversity, and inclusion. We fight for justice. 

The colours chosen for this logo is taken from the two extremes. Light-skinned and dark-skinned. Instead of using a "middle" colour, I figured it would be in better taste to combine them both together to make a connection. I did this in the hopes of promoting understanding and empathy. 

If you took a further look at the logo, it also looks like those glasses you'd see on geeky/nerdy kids in school that would get picked on. Well, Geeks of Color is against bullying as well and we will use this imagery as our logo with pride and joy.


Geeks of color logos over the years

I write "over the years" as if we've been around for decades. Well, one day hopefully. However, Geeks of Color is now on its second visual rebrand. Our beliefs and ideology will always stay the same. Where's the very first logo, you ask? We don't talk about that. (It's bad luck, trust me.) 

Don't worry though, Geeks of Color is planning to stay for a very long time and we plan to keep growing and improving as trends change and as the culture evolves. 

You can follow Geeks of Color on all of our social platforms, including our own site at

Twitter - @GeeksofColor

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